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Verbes Pronominaux
Mots Utiles
It’s about
it is possible
to bend down
to let go to
to hold on (to)
to buy for oneself
to love / adore each other
to like/love each other
to join
to come/ join
to notice
to tear oneself away (from)
to work it out
to stop
to sit
to make sure
to get attached to
to tackle
to expect
to attract
to catch oneself
to advance
to escape (from)
to listen to each other
to write to each other
to make an attempt to
to waIk away
to be bored
to kiss each other
to turn emotionaI
to prevent oneself from
to leave
to worry
to get out of a situation
to blame oneself
to fall asleep
to lock oneself
to run away / escape
to be bored
to get along with each other
to take off / fly away
to establish/settle oneself
to burn out
to lay down
to faint
to avoid each other
to apologize
to explain oneself
to express oneself
to dress (up)
to imagine
to become still
to get informed
to worry
to educate oneself
to forbid oneself
to have interest in
to ask oneself
to take care (of)
to take offense (at)
to offer/spoil oneself
to forget oneself
to open up
to unite
to get used to
to go about it
to get noticed
to bathe
to fight
to get wounded
to brush
to hide
to change
to handle
to commit oneself (to)
to compare oneself
to behave oneself
to understand each other
to conduct oneself
to know oneself/each other
to devote oneself
to contain oneself
to cut oneself
to cover oneself
to believe oneself / be vain
to get rid of
to manage
to come to a decision
to get discouraged
to defend oneself
to wonder
to hurry
to move
to trouble oneself
to hate each other
to turn away from
to destroy each other
to develop        .
to undress
to tell oneself / each other
to head for        .
to entertain/distract oneself  
to suspect
to get mad
to do for oneself
to have ......... done
to get shot
to trust
to force oneself
to not give a damn
to park
to bother
to scratch
to heal
to throw oneself
to join
to toy with
to judge oneself
to swear to oneself
to let oneself
to throw oneself
to wash
to rise
to maintain oneself
to miss each other
to get married
to have a good laugh
to distrust
to mix with
to get involved with
to begin to
to show oneself, to appear to
make fun of
to be named
to feed oneself
to speak to each other
to occur
to do without
to buy oneself
to make fun of
to comb
to bend down
to get lost
to take the liberty to
to put oneself
to complain
to enjoy oneself
to be (well)
to take oneself for
to introduce oneself
to hurry
to lend oneself (to)
to deprive oneself of
to occur
to stroll, take a walk
to prove oneself
to leave each other
to tell each other
to reflect inwardly'
to straighten up
to look at each other
to get over
to start again
to fill oneself
to meet each other
to go somewhere
to surrender
to inform oneself
to spread
to rest
to recall
to resign oneself (to)
to resolve oneself (to)
to look alike        .
to prevent oneself (from)
to pull out (of)
to turn around
to meet again
to get dirty
to turn away
to shake oneself
to feel (inwardly)
to separate
to squeeze
to use
to take care of oneself
to worry
to submit oneself
to remember
to follow
to shut up
to dye
to call each other
to hold each other
to conduct oneself
to stand
to get out (of)
to bend
to turn around
to make a mistake
to find oneself, to be
to avenge oneself
to see each other
A bas                                Down with
A bientôt                          See you soon
A cause de                       Because of
A coeur joie                     To one’s heart content
A coeur ouvert                Openly
A contre cœur                 Reluctantly
A coté de                         Beside / next to
A cours de                       Short of
A découvert                    In the open, frankly
A demain                         See you tomorrow
A deux pas                      Very close
A deux doigts                 Within an inch
A domicile                       At home
A droite                           To the right
A fond                              Fully
A force de                       By doing (it) enough
A gauche                         To the left
A haute Voix                    Loudly
A jamais                           For ever
A l'abri                              In the shelter
A l'aide de                       With the help of
A l'aise..                           Comfortable
A l'aube                           At dawn
A l'avance                       Ahead of time
A l'écart                           On the side/apart
A l'écoute                        Tuned
A l'égard de                    Toward (someone)
A l'endroit                        Right side up
A l'envers                        Up side down
A l'étranger                     Abroad
A l'heure                         On time
A l'horizon                      In the horizon
A l'improviste                 Unexpectedly
A l'instant                       Right away
A l'insu de                      Without  ... knowing it
A l'interieur.                   Inside
A l'ombre                        In the shade
A la belle étoile             Under the stars
A la dérobée                  Furtively
A la dérive                     Adrift
A la fin                            At the end/ after all
A la fois                          At the same time
A la folie                         To no end
A la légère                      Lightly
A la lettre                        Litterally
A la longue                     Eventually
A la main                         By hand
A la mode                        In style
A la portée de                At the reach of
A la prochaine                See you next time
A la radio / télé               On the radio / TV
A la recherche de          In search of
A la rigueur                     At the least
A la suite de                    Following
A merveille                     Wonderfully
A mesure que                 As  (things progress)
A moi de                          My turn to
A moitié                           Half, half way
A mon avis                      In my opinion
A mon compte                On my bill
A mon tour                      My turn
A nous deux                   Between the 2 of us
A part                               Except
A partir de                       From here on
A pas de loup                 Tip toeing
A peine                            Hardly
A perte de vue               As far as one can see
A peu près                      About / Around
A pied                              On foot
A plat                                Flat, beat
A plus tard                       See you later
A plusieurs reprises      Several times
A point                             Medium-well
A présent                         Now
A propos                          By the way
A propos de                    About
A quatre pattes               On 4
A quoi bon                       What's the use of
A regret                           Regretfully
A sa guise                        As one pleases
A temps                            On time
A tour de rôle                  Taking turns
A tout à l'heure                See you later
A tout prix                        At any cost
A travers                          Across
A voix basse/haute         In a low / high voice
A volonté                         At will
A vrai dire                        To tell the truth
A vue d’œil                      Visibly

Au besoin                        If need be
Au bout de                      At the end of
Au cas où                        ln case
Au  chevêt de                At the bedside of
Au contraire                   On the contrary
Au courant                      Aware
Au début                         At the beginning
Au delà de                      Beyond
Au dépourvu                 Unaware/ unprepared
Au fait                             By the way
Au fond                           Basically
Au fur et à mesure        As.........(progresses)
Au gré de                       At the whim of
Au juste                          Exactly
Au lieu de                       Instead of
Au loin                            ln the distance
Au milieu de                   In the middle of
Au moins                        At the least
Au niveau de                  At the level
Au pied de                      At the foot of
Au plus                            At the most
Au point                           Ready,
Au point où                     Considering where
Au ralenti                         In slow motion
Au revers                        On the other side
Au revoir                         Bye
Au sein de                       In the heart of
Au seuil de                      On the threshold of_
Au sujet de                      About
Au téléphone                  On the phone
Aux aguets                      On the alert

D'autre part                      On the other hand
D'avance                           Ahead of
D'ordinaire                        Usually
De bon coeur                   Heartily,
De bonne heure               Early
De cette façon                  In this way
De coté                              Aside
De coutume                      Usuallly, usual
De justesse                       Barely
De la part de                      From (someone)
De loin                                By far
De mieux en mieux           Better and better
De mon coté                      From my side,
De nouveau                       Once again
De plus                               Futhermore, more
De plus belle                     More than ever
De plus en plus                 More and more
De quoi                              Of what , something
De retour                            Back
De rien                                Don't mention it.
De rigueur                          Required
De son mieux                      His best
De suite                               In a row
De temps en temps            From time to time
De toute façon                    In any case
De travers                           The wrong way,

En ami                                  As a friend
En  arrière                           Backwards
En attendant                       In the meanwhile
En avance                           Early        
En avion                              By plane
En bas                                 Downstairs
En bonne santé                 In good health
En  cachette                       In secret
En  chemin                         Along the way
En commun                        In common
En conserve                      Canned
En cours de route             On the way
En dépit de                         Despite
En effet                               Indeed
En face de                          In front of
En  fait                                As a matter of fact
En fin de compte               In the end
En  forme                            In shape
En gros                               BroadIy speaking
En guerre                           At war
En guise de                        In way of
En haut                               Upstairs
En jeu                                 At stake
En I 'air                                In a mess
En Iaisse                            On a leash
En moyenne                       In average
En ordre                             In order
En outre                             Moreover
En panne                            Stuck
En partie                             In part
En personne                      In person
En pIace                              In pIace
En pIein                              FuIIy, In the midst of
En pIein air                         Outdoors        
En pIus                                In addition       
En presence de                 In the presence of
En prise à                           Obsessed by
En queIque sorte               In some way
En réaIité                             In truth
En règIe                               In order
En reserve                          In stock
En retard                             Late
En revanche                       On the other hand
En route                              On the way
En soIde                              On saIe
En somme                            In short
En tout                                 In alI
En tout cas                          In any case
En vain                                In vain
En vente                             SoId, on saIe
En vérité                             In truth
En vigueur                          In effect
En vitesse                           Fast
En vogue                             In vogue
En voie de                           In the process of
En vue de                            With an eye to.

Par  avion                            By pIane
Par  coeur                            By heart
Par conséquent                  ConsequentIy
Par contre                            On the other hand
Par exampIe                         For exampIe
Par hazard                            By chance
Par ici, Ià                              This way
Par Ia suite                          SubsequentIy
Par rapport à                       Compared to

Tout à coup                          Suddenly
Tout à l'heure                       A little while ago
Tout à fait                              Exactly / Completely
Il s'agit de
Il se peut
S'accrocher (à)
S'ajouter (à)
S'attacher (à)
S'attaquer (à)
S'attendre (à)
S'échapper (de)
S'efforcer de
S'empêcher de
S'en aller
S'en faire
S'en sortir
S'en vouloir (de)
S’intéresser (à)
S'occuper (de)
S'offenser de
S'y faire
S'y prendre
Se (faire) remarquer
Se baigner
Se battre
Se blesser
Se brosser
Se cacher
Se changer
Se charger de
Se commettre (à)
Se comparer
Se comporter
Se comprendre
Se conduire
Se connaître
Se consacrer à
Se contenir
Se couper
Se couvrir
Se croire
Se débarrasser (de)
Se débrouiller
Se décider
Se décourager
Se défendre
Se demander
Se dépêcher
Se déplacer
Se déranger
Se détester
Se détourner de
Se détruire
Se développer
Se dévêtir
Se dire
Se diriger
Se distraire
Se douter
Se fâcher
Se faire
Se faire
Se faire descendre
Se fier à
Se forcer
Se foutre (de)
Se garer
Se gêner
Se gratter
Se guérir
Se jeter
Se joindre
Se jouer de
Se juger
Se jurer
Se laisser
Se lancer
Se laver
Se lever
Se maintenir
Se manquer
Se marier
Se marrer
Se méfier
Se meler à
Se meler de
Se mettre à
Se montrer
Se moquer
Se nommer
Se nourrir
Se parler
Se passer
Se passer de
Se payer
Se payer de
Se peigner
Se pencher
Se perdre
Se permettre de
Se placer
Se plaindre
Se plaire
Se porter (bien)
Se prendre (pour)
Se présenter
Se presser
Se prêter (à)
Se priver de
Se produire
Se promener
Se prouver
Se quitter
Se raconter
Se recueillir
Se redresser
Se regarder
.Se remettre (de)
Se remettre à
Se remplir
Se rencontrer
Se rendre
Se rendre
Se renseigner
Se répandre
Se reposer
Se rappeler
Se résigner (à)
Se résoudre (a)
Se ressembler
Se retenir (de)
Se retirer (de)
Se retourner
Se revoir
Se salir
Se sauver
Se secouer
Se sentir
Se séparer
Se serrer
Se servir de
Se soigner
Se soucier
Se soumettre
Se souvenir
Se suivre
Se taire
Se teindre
Se téléphoner
Se tenir
Se tenir
Se tenir debout
Se tirer (de)
Se tordre
Se tourner
Se tromper
Se trouver
Se venger
Se voir   
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