La Grammaire
A rather complete site of French grammar

Le Conjugueur
Conjugate any French verb with this site.

France monthly
a  bilingual newsletter about France
(just click on "read  newsletter in French")

Retrouvez le sourire
A fun animated interactive site.

French in Action
Well done series of videos to learn French

Bonjour de France
Official site to learn French. The karakoe
section is particularly interesting

Podcast Français facile
French podcasts with good audio texts

FLE:  Index of schools that teach French as a
foreign language in France

Alliance  Française of Hawaii:  
Centers on social events to practice French
with francophiles.   

The basic dictionary online, great for most uses

Le trésor de la langue française informatisé
Huge dictionary in French only

Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique
For technical terms

                      Les Journaux:
Le Monde
Le Nouvel Observateur

                       Radio Française:
Radio France    
France's main radio stations where you can
download a variety of talk shows.

RFI: Listen and read  simulaneously the
latest news in French

French Audio books:
Listen to  many  Franch classics.
Has a link to the text

The French library on Internet.

Maupassant par les textes
All of Maupassant's works, some of
them translated.

Les Fables de La Fontaine
All of his fables.

Mythes Grecs
Greek myths in French.   

Le Petit Prince
Le Petit Prince with pictures and all.
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